Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Speaking Out 2016

A challenge for Lent
St Tudy and St Mabyn were the first people to speak about Jesus in our area of North Cornwall,
They have been followed by many generations of faithful people speaking of salvation and hope.
It is  by these first saints telling their story and then others telling their story that we arrive at today.
Bishop Tim has issued a challenge for 2016  and is asking people to tell their stories of faith and share with others something of what is important to them  and why.
It is a challenge that before Easter two thousand and sixteen faith stories will be spoken and heard in Cornwall ie. to  speak hope, to speak love, to tell story.
This may be done with members of our your family , friends or shared in Church or the pub !
It may be a story about someone else who has shared  their story with you in the past.
If you would like to write a few words then this could be emailed to a friend  or published  anonymously on a website eg www.stmabynchurch.co.uk or shared on social media.

Story telling has always been with us and certainly outdates modern technology so please keep this tradition going.
Bishop Tim

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