Monday, 21 March 2016

Lent Course

The Lent course is an exploration into the truth of the Christian faith as revealed in Jesus Christ.

The first session on 17th February was an introduction to the creeds - what we believe in and trust.
We covered the Apostles creed - which sets out the faith of the Church and the Nicene creed, a more detailed summary of what the church believes.
We spent much of the time exploring the reasons the creeds were developed.

The second sessions, which were on 24th February explored the profound and wonderful truth that God is Trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
We looked at and were inspired by Russian Icons of the Trinity.
We discussed the love and self-giving within the Trinity and which person of the Trinity we found it hardest to engage with and why!

In the third session, on Tuesday 1st March, we explored the unique nature of Jesus.
This will teach us a great deal about God and what it is to be human.

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