Friday, 12 August 2016

Church Fete

This is a somewhat belated, but nonetheless very heartfelt thanks to all who helped make the Fete this year such an outstanding success – those
who assisted at / attended / rang the bells to herald it / otherwise supported this wonderful and successful event where over 500 people enjoyed all the fun of the fete and we were able to raise the monies necessary to insure this wonderful and historic building. Not everyone is a  member of the regular congregation but many are grateful that it is there for them. This event attracts attendance from a very wide area and is well known for being such a great afternoon out. The participation of the school – children, parents, teachers – is also much appreciated and helps give it such a lively and youthful atmosphere too! There are so many people to thank that the risk of leaving out even one person means that we can’t list names but there IS one, Tony Dickinson, in his super uniform and with his great style at the, microphone, who really must be name checked! Thank you to all and see you next year! 

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