Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Santiago Cathedral

This is a photograph taken during the Pentecost service we attended in Santiago Cathedral on Sunday 4th June
St James the Great is buried below the alter; an image of St James was paraded before the service.
The parade was led by the Archbishop, the Bishop, the Dean and twenty priests from around the world.
These priests were visiting the Cathedral, which contains the remains of St James the Great, at the end of their pilgrimage walks.
There were 3,000 communicants, including the three of us; our priest friend was taking part in the service and provided some of the intercession prayers.
A wonderful spiritual experience! 

You can see the Thurible hanging from just to the right of the alter; it was swung by a team of 6 “swingers” to fan the burning incense and ensure the whole church and congregation is purified!

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