Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Spring comes to St Mabyn Church

After last week's snow, it was a relief to see St Mabyn Church bathed in sunshine, as the new vicar for our cluster, the Rev David Seymour with his wife Wendy, came here for the first time on a Sunday.
The service, which was attended by 30 villagers, got off to a great start with the music group leading a joyful rendition of 
' Vagabonds'
 Come all you Vagabonds
 come all you don't belongs
 Winners and losers
 Come people like me'
 It is fantastic --- after many months of waiting --that we now have a permanent priest in our cluster and we are thankful that David and Wendy chose to come to N.Cornwall.

David, who immediately comes across as a very genuine and friendly person, used his strong voice to make his words both easy to understand and interesting.
His challenging sermon which was engaging,  inclusive and filled with hope, gave us a timely reminder to consider what are the most important values in our lives.

We are looking forward to his next visit and getting to know Wendy and David better.

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