Friday, 6 November 2020

Armistice Day

We are very sorry and regret to announce that after careful reading of the new Government Guidelines and the Church of England Guidelines we are having to cancel the outdoor ceremony on Armistice Day.

This is of course not what we want but we have to abide by the law.
There will be a short act of remembrance on Sunday but again (in accordance with the guidelines) we are advising the general public not to attend.
While we cannot meet together in person, we can join together in prayer and remembrance for those who fell, and those whose lives have been forever changed.

Monday, 2 November 2020

Private prayer on Wednesday and Sunday mornings from 10-12noon.

Due to the new Covid guidelines and Lockdown, unfortunately services in church will now cease until further notice. Following our recent PCC meeting however, it was decided that the church will open for private prayer on Wednesday and Sunday mornings from 10-12noon. On Sundays, I will be in church to play gentle, reflective music from the great CD collection that I have been loaned by folks.  I hope we can have some candles lit and that the prayer tree can come back into it's own and will be laden with prayers over the next few weeks. Prayer can be so sustaining for us and even better in our beautiful church surroundings.

As always, please follow Covid guidelines when entering the church - there will be one new one, (a small TICKET for you to lay down on the chair where you have sat to avoid cross contamination for future users in the session) and as always, please do not come if you are feeling unwell.