Friday, 10 July 2020

Church Opening Update

You may have read that current guidelines have suggested that churches may now reopen for worship. The risk of coronavirus has as we know, however, not gone away. 
The doors of some of our churches in the Camelside Benefice have reopened. Since many people in our St Mabyn congregation, however remain vulnerable to Covid-19, we have taken the careful decision to remain closed for the time being.
If you wish to find out more about the churches that are open for prayer and worship, please contact our Rector, David Seymour: 01208 850088, likewise if you wish to receive his weekly service to read, private prayer or pastoral support.
Church services are on the horizon here but we will be waiting a bit longer before we reopen.
Any change is unsettling especially when it is not of our own choosing, but it brings opportunities as well as threats. If you wish to join us for our online Bible study and prayer meeting, we 'meet' every Tuesday at 7.30pm via Zoom! Please contact David for information and he will send you the necessary link. In the meantime, please stay safe!

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