Thursday, 16 July 2020

News from our new Curate

Hello everyone,
Family Thwaites have finally moved in, everything is unboxed and apart from rearranging the furniture several times I think we can say we are settled. Having spent the whole of lockdown and its glorious weather in a third floor flat at Ripon College we have been very much looking forward to enjoying the garden here and the beautiful Cornish landscapes. Of course, as soon as we arrived we have been gifted with rain everyday! At least it is good for the fields and crops though. We have managed to go for some lovely walks and been to a few beaches in the snippets of sun that we have had.
Other than the couple of years at Oxford where I was studying, we originally come from Sussex with the south downs behind us and the sea in front, so the rural and coastal life is one where we feel very much at home. As a family we love nothing more than long walks and days on the water. Emmy and I are keen kayakers and have really missed the sea while in Oxford. Our eldest son Vaughn also loves the sea and is desperate to start surfing (having done it once on a school residential and caught the bug). Eastern our second son is very much at home in a cave or rock pool, or just looking at anything he can find in the mud and fields (walking takes a very long time as he is constantly looking down for interesting rocks etc.). Finally our youngest Meadow, in keeping with her name, loves all things nature, flowers and animals of any description although not particularly keen on the eight legged kind that can be found on bedroom walls!
Originally the plan was that I would have been ordained by now at Truro Cathedral, but unfortunately Covid put a halt to that. At present the plan is that this will now take place towards the end of September and possibly not at the Cathedral. Whilst disappointing, it is a necessary and understandable precaution and because of this I attended a Zoom service a couple of weeks ago with the other Truro Ordinands and Bishop Phillip where we were all commissioned with the ‘Cure of Souls’ which allows us to start our work as Curates in the parishes we have been placed.
As the churches across the Benefice slowly start to open and prepare you will see me more and more. I have already been able to assist David with a couple of services in the Benefice and look forward to meeting everyone as and when the Lockdown lessens. This has been and continues to be a very difficult time for many people and you are all very much in my prayers.

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