Saturday, 8 May 2021

Coffee and refreshments in the church.

Coffee and refreshments in the church. Saturday 6th June 10am - 12noon. Come along and enjoy a coffee and a catch up. Bacon sandwiches, toasted teacakes and cakes, what's not to like?! There will also be a small Bring and Buy as we look to raise £3,000 for the annual insurance for the church.

Like all organisations, the lack of attendance and opportunity to fundraise has hit all of our local churches over the past 18 months. Insurance for the church building is a huge amount to find and not something that we can 'skimp' on.  St Tudy church was struck by lighting earlier this year, causing considerable damage and repairs to be undertaken. If you feel that you can help in anyway with this event, or have items to donate, please contact Jan Fisher 01208 852182. JF

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